Denham Springs House Appraisers: Rolling Meadow 2011 Update – Denham Springs House Appraisers: Rolling Meadow 2011 Update.

Since the Federal Tax Credit Expiration in May 2010, the number of home sales in Greater Baton Rouge has continued to decline. This is also the case with the Denham Springs market as well as in Rolling Meadow Subdivision, with only 2 home sale2 in the first 5 months of 2011 (as of 5/28/2011).


Rolling-Meadow-Subdivision-Denham-Springs (4)

Homes In Rolling Meadow Subdivision

A Pat Wattam Listing @ 24537 Fairweather Drive

Rolling-Meadow-Subdivision-Denham-Springs (9)

A Tracy Wempren Listing @ 12237 Bell Meadow

Rolling-Meadow-Subdivision-Denham-Springs (5)

A Foreclosure @ 12270 Bell Meadow

Rolling-Meadow-Subdivision-Denham-Springs (6)

A Darren James Listing @ 12203 Sundown Drive

HIGHLY MOTIVATED SELLER Based on $122,500 Listing Price

Rolling-Meadow-Subdivision-Denham-Springs (3)

Juban Parc Junior High School Adjacent To Rolling Meadow Subdivsion


Rolling-Meadow-Subdivision-Denham-Springs (2)

A recent analysis of Rolling Meadow Subdivision revealed this interesting finding. From 2008 to 2011, the median sales price has continued to remained in flux. From 2008 to 2011, the median sales prices have varied from $155,750, $157,500, $139,900 and in 2011 it’s currently $161,450 BUT based only on 2 sales at $109/sf average. However, one of the 2011 sales was extremely high, $173,000 for only 1,487sf located with lake view, newer roof, several extras plus $4,000 in seller paid concessions. So, this 1 sale does skew the numbers upward a bit. The other 2011 sale was a more normal $149,900 for $1,483sf or $101/sf and was not a distressed sale. The Chart Below presents a history of sales.


CURRENT LISTINGS. There are 5 current listings from $122,500 to $168,900 with ALL 5 active, none pending. The Average Listing Price per sq. ft. is $104.27/sf.

NOTE: Based on information from the Greater Baton Rouge Association of REALTORS®\MLS for the period of January 1, 2008 to May 28, 2011. This information was extracted on 5/28/2011. YES, permission was granted by GBRMLS to use Subdivision Price Trends Chart Report!



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