Video: Baton Rouge Divorce And Your Home Options – Video: Baton Rouge Divorce And Your Home Options!

I wanted to share this video regarding divorce and the possible home options available. This video was created by Jamey Milheiser, a mortgage professional. Yes, he does represent another State in the USA, but his video and the questions he helps answer may also help locals as well.




Jamey covers:

1.) You do have options when it comes to your property.

2.) “I think I want to stay in the home……what do I need to keep in mind?”

3.) “My spouse is entitled to share in the equity we have in our home……how is this handled?”

4.) “What if I am the one leaving the home?”

5.) “How might divorce impact my credit?”

6.) “If I want to buy another home–am I going to be out of luck while I am still listed on the old mortgage?”

Visit: Divorce And Your Home Options to watch Jamey’s video and read his answers.