Baton Rouge Real Estate News Nicholson Lakes Subdivision Major 10 Percent Correction – Baton Rouge Real Estate News: Nicholson Lakes Subdivision Major 10 Percent Correction. 2011 Numbers incidate a -$19000 median sales price correction and -$15/sf correction since 2007 post Hurricane Katrina highs. This is not a typo and this is not due to a foreclosure situation. The purpose of Baton Rouge Housing Reports Dot Com is stated on the homepage as, “Local Professionals Providing Trends, Analysis & Tips Helping Locals Make Informed Housing Decisions!” Nicholson Lakes Subdivision is a really nice Garden Home style development around lakes with an elaborate entrance. The location is convenient and perhaps within 5 to 6 miles of LSU and within 7-8 miles of the CBD or Central Business District. Despite these positives, Nicholson Lakes has corrected in a major way in 2011 and not from a foreclosure situation. The numbers are below. A Little History. From 2006 to 2008, general MLS home sales were in the high $180’s up to a high of $208775. The Sharp Decline. Nicholson Lakes has experienced substantial declines since the 2007 highs, from $193000 and $131/sf down to $174000 and $116/sf in 2011. Not Foreclosure Related. This doesn’t appear to be foreclosure related. In the past 18 months, there’s been approximately thirty-three (33) home sales with only two (2) of them being foreclosures. And, of the nine (9) current listings, only 1 of them is a foreclosure. Current Listings Show Continued Correction. Of the nine (9) current listings