Baton Rouge Real Estate SFREP Appraisal Software Helps Underwriter Communication – Baton Rouge Real Estate SFREP Appraisal Software Helps Underwriter Communication. SFREP or Software for Real Estate Professionals is a local real estate appraisal software company founded by R. Wayne Pugh, MAI. SFREP recently added a new mapping feature to their “Appraise-It” product, which aids the appraiser in better communication with the underwriters. Hey it’s Bill Cobb in Baton Rouge, a local home appraiser. I wanted to show you how the SFREP Home Appraisal Software has just made my job of communicating the appraisal much better. In 1991, when I first got into the business, I decided to use SFREP. SFREP is a local Baton Rouge, created by Wayne Pugh, Appraiser. And I have loved using their software since 1991, and I love the recent advances that they have made. If I go into the software, and type in a random address. I am going to go into the street maps. Down on the bottom, I’m going to go ahead and get my map, and I am going to make the map a little bit smaller, so I can draw my boundaries. If I go to create and follow the interstate down all the way to Siegen, close it, I can move this over to the neighborhood boundaries map. If I go to number three, this helps me draw the neighborhood boundaries to be able to communicate more effectively to the underwriter of the neighborhood, which I considered in the neighborhood section area, as far as feeling out the boundaries, neighborhood, and that kind of information. I just wanted to share with you this