West Baton Rouge's Sugar Mill Plantation Visual Video Tour Of Newer Homes

http://www.westbatonrougeappraiser.com/ – West Baton Rouge’s Sugar Mill Plantation Visual Video Tour Of Newer Homes

A Good Article To Read About West Baton Rouge Newer Homes Is At: http://www.businessreport.com/news/2008/sep/08/go-west-or-not-rlet1/

Here’s A Snippet:

“As far as price differential between buying a house in West Baton Rouge vs. East Baton Rouge, Langlois says you might save a few dollars on homes of equal square footage, though in a way it’s apples and oranges. An 1,800-square-foot house in Baton Rouge is going to be in an older neighborhood and heavy on the amenities compared to some subdivisions that offer homes of the same size in West Baton Rouge.

“Baton Rouge is typically higher, yes, but it’s a different property,” she says.

Sugar Mill Plantation, in Addis, is what Langlois describes as “an oddity” for the westside simply because of its size. While most subdivisions in West Baton Rouge have between 20 and 200 houses, Sugar Mill’s plans call for 700 homes.”